On this page you can find some of the tools and programs I find useful in my work.


  • kountry– a useful tool to merge on a wide variety of different conventions for country names and country (ISO) codes
  • ivreg2 – an extension of instrumental variable commands

Stata and LaTeX

  • listtex – a useful command for creating summary statistics tables from STATA .dta files and writing them to .tex files.
  • estout – great suite of commands for creating tables of estimation results in STATA and exporting them to .tex files.

Stata and GIS

  • nearstat – for straight-line distance calculations between two points.
  • spmap – very handy for producing maps of data from spatial datasets.
  • shp2dta – for converting Arc shapefiles to Stata formats.

Python and ArcView

  • – a script for converting DBF files into CSV files.
  • – a script for looping across multiple raster files, creating zonal statistics for each of them.


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