This page contains a collection of the main and most useful resource-related datasets (plus a few others used in my research).

Most analysis by economists using natural resource data requires linking them to some other dataset of interest – for a far more comprehensive collection of socio-economic development data I highly recommend Markus Eberhardt’s DevEconData.

Oil and gas data:

Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the World (Compiled by M.K. Horn) //download//

PRIO Petroleum Data (Petrodata) //download//

Minerals data:

Mineral Resource Data System: Global (USGS) //download//

Raw Materials Database (RMG/SNL) (subscription-only)

Other resource-related data:

Wealth of Nations (World Bank) //download// Country-level natural capital and resource rents data

Resource Governance Index //download//

Socio-economic and political rights data:

Indonesian Family Living Survey (RAND) //download//

Nighttime Lights Time Series (NOAA) //download//

Gridded Population of the World //download//

Augmented Freedom House Political Rights Index//download//

Polity IV //download//


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